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Wasn't what they thought

When I was a young child I used to wet the bed every night, I was on tablets but when they didn't work we tried a bladder exercise, nothing to drink after 6 pm, and must go to the toilet before bed - But nothing ever seemed to work. I started to

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Bedwetting and boarding school

I'm 15 yrs old and i still wet the bed nearly every night. My parents think im just being lazy so they send me to boarding school, they think the shame and embarrassment will make me stop. i am very thankful as i have a wonderful dorm supervisor who

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Don't be afraid to seek professional help

My daughter is nearly 6 and has never been dry, night or day. I went to a seminar by the incontinence advice council and learned so much. I was advised to speak to a pediatrician and get her dry during the day before we tackled the nights. Within t

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I don't know what to do.

My daughter didn't start bedwetting until she started the 5th Grade. I think she was very nervous or something because she suddenly started wetting the bed every night. She would wet 1 or 2 times but me and my husband started getting very annoyed wi

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Does it EVER end?!

I have three daughters. Daughter #1 went dry during the day at 14 months, but didn't go dry at night, every night she was soaking. Finally at aged 7.5y she woke up dry and never wet again. (1.5 years later still dry.) Daughter #2 went dry during t

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Miracle after joining DryNites webpage!!

My son, who will be 7 in september, has always had a problem staying dry at night. To be honest I have a bit of a lazy approach towards it and rather than changing sheets and getting out of bed at night, I have just always had him wear an absorbent

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17 and wetting

I have been wetting for quite some time now. When I was little, I used to wear my sisters Huggies Pull Ups. This helped disguise the wetting before the nappies began ripping when I moved around in bed. My parents don't know that I wet. I recently

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A 7-9 year old bedwetting story

Hi my daughter became dry at the usual 2.5/3 years of age, but when she was about 6.5 her dad left us due to his drinking problems, this began a spiral that we haven't finished yet. Bedwetting and behavioral problems started, many sessions with cou

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4yr old won't stop wetting at night - Even b

My 4 yr old daughter has been toilet trained since she was about 2 1/2 yrs old, but she has never once woken up with a dry nappy. I have tried waking her up through the night, and she probably woke up dry only once. I have tried putting knickers un

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My daughter (7) had kidney failure last year and was rushed to hospital. We picked a local doctor for her appointments when she was finally let out of hospital to see a renal specialist. When we saw him in February he talked about hypnosis for bed w

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Concerned mother

My son is about to turn 6 he was never dry overnight as a baby, always extremely wet compared to his other two brothers who were always dry. He never wakes to use the toilet and even though he goes to the toilet before going to bed has helped reduce

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My 9 year old has a bedwetting problem.

My son is 9 years old. He will be 10 in May/2012. He has wet the bed almost every night since birth. He has no developmental issues, no learning disabilities as he is a typical, bright and precocious young boy. I have just been hoping he outgrows it

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Alarm and bladder training worked brilliantl

We had great success with bladder training and an alarm for my 7 year old son who used to wet 5 nights out of 7. The bladder training involved drinking alot of water during the day to make his brain get used to a full bladder and having to hold on.

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Why me?

I have always wanted to go on a sleepover, but I have always been too nervous or scared to go because I wet the bed most nights. It makes me feel stupid and pathetic, I know none of my friends have ever had this problem they wouldn't understand it.

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22 Year Bedwetting Problem

Hi i am a 22 year old male i started to wet the bed when i was about 12 years old i did not know why i was wetting the bed i told my dad that i was wetting the Bed At Night. after a couple of weeks i was still wetting the bed Dad took me to the doct

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15 Year Bedwetting

Hello my name is Danielle and I am 15 years old. I have never been dry at nights except for some occasions. My parents have been supportive thoughout my life although I know it's hard on them. I have been to endless amounts of doctors been subscribe

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