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It can be hugely reassuring to discover that many other parents are also concerned about their daughter’s bedwetting. All ages are covered and many situations discussed in our girls’ stories.

29 Feb 2016

Don’t be afraid to seek professional help

My daughter is nearly 6 and has never been dry, night or day. I went to a seminar by the incontinence advice council and learned so much. I was advised to speak to a pediatrician and get her dry during the day before we tackled the nights.

Within two weeks of speaking to the pediatrician my daughter got a UTI and spent 2 nights in hospital. She was very sick and this scared me and made me realise that we need to manage her problem better. So we went on to use DryNites at night to build her confidence and lots of pelvic floor exercises during the day to help her stay dry. She is also on Ditrapan to help stablise her bladder. This has been the toughest roller coaster for me, as I have a 1 year old and FIFO husband. So if your child is over 3 and wet during the day, do seek professional help.


29 Feb 2016

I don’t know what to do.

My daughter didn’t start bedwetting until she started the 5th Grade. I think she was very nervous or something because she suddenly started wetting the bed every night.
She would wet 1 or 2 times but me and my husband started getting very annoyed with the constant sheet changes.

I really didn’t know what to do so I took her to a doctor. He said it was very normal for kids her age to wet the bed. He told us to try Drynites.

At first she was extremely embarrassed about ‘nappies’ but I told her they weren’t nappies, just night-time panties. Now she always wears them but her brother and sister don’t know and she is really upset and can’t accept the constant sleepover invitations.

The Drynites are working but I’m always scared I’ll ses one of her friend’s parents when I’m buying her Drynites and I also want her not to be in nappies for the rest of her life. We go through stages where we don’t use the Drynites but she always wets the bed and has to put on a Drynites, which she gets really mad at herself about.


29 Feb 2016

Does it EVER end?!

I have three daughters.

Daughter #1 went dry during the day at 14 months, but didn’t go dry at night, every night she was soaking. Finally at aged 7.5y she woke up dry and never wet again. (1.5 years later still dry.)

Daughter #2 went dry during the day at 15 months, but didn’t go dry at night, every night she was soaking. Not only was the drynite soaking but 2 or 3 times a week she would end up with wet sheets too. She is just about to turn 7 years old and still wets every night and is rarely still dry at 10pm when she wakes often. I am trying to go with the flow (no pun intended) after my experience with daughter #1.

Daughter #3 went dry during the day at 20 months, and went dry at night at the SAME time. Can you imagine my elation?! She is definitely my favourite. (JOKE!!!)

I have been buying drynites since 2006 after trying pull ups, nappies and cloth nappies, to get through the night. I hate to think what I have spent having two children in drynites from 2006-2009 and since then just one, but at the end of the day eventually they DO go dry, when you least expect it. I have never withheld fluids or lifted my children to the toilet, believing that it will happen in its own time. Hang in there!

J. C.

11 Dec 2015

A 7-9 year old bedwetting story

Hi my daughter became dry at the usual 2.5/3 years of age, but when she was about 6.5 her dad left us due to his drinking problems, this began a spiral that we haven’t finished yet.

Bedwetting and behavioral problems started, many sessions with councilors and pediatricians later we are no closer to a resolve. Bedwetting is almost every night and luckily she only weighs 22kg so I can buy nappies, Drynites are great.

Behaviorally she is now under a psychologist for ODD which is not an illness, its a defiance issue due to life’s problems that she cannot control, I am the only person she feels secure with so she takes everything out on me, this includes throwing things, swearing and screaming at me and her younger brother on an almost daily basis. Its heartbreaking but I cannot find the button to turn it off,

Her dad is still in our life but abandoned them with a please no contact text 6 weeks ago – on her 9th birthday! There was a bedwetting alarm available through medicare but 3 months before our app, they discontinued the service in Moreton island area (qld). Have tried every other option on the net and by professionals, so with specialists and pediatrician appointments I battle on until the switch to be “good” and “normal” switches on.

The worst part is that she is a gifted child so therefore even more switched on about events than other young children would be/should be. Next time you watch the opening credits to super nanny, think of me!!!

Veronica S.

11 Dec 2015

4yr old won’t stop wetting at night – Even before she is asleep

My 4 yr old daughter has been toilet trained since she was about 2 1/2 yrs old, but she has never once woken up with a dry nappy.

I have tried waking her up through the night, and she probably woke up dry only once. I have tried putting knickers under the pull up, I have tried leaving her in a wet bed, I have tried stickers, special days out, special treats, and she seems excited to try but never any success.

Last night I tried the knickers under her nappies again and she just weed in them while she was still up. She knows this is wrong and does not seem to care whatsever!!

I am feeling totally disheartened now and not sure what to do. I told her tonight if she can wake up dry tommorrow we can go to the zoo, she seems really really excited but now I am thinking I am just setting her up for heartbreak in the morning. She is really good during the day not a worry at all.

K. H.

11 Dec 2015


My daughter (7) had kidney failure last year and was rushed to hospital. We picked a local doctor for her appointments when she was finally let out of hospital to see a renal specialist.
When we saw him in February he talked about hypnosis for bed wetting. So when we saw him again last week i asked him about hypnotheraphy. That week i booked my daughter in to see the renal specialist and he did some hypnotheraphy on her. After the first visit she woke up dry!!!! First time ever. Then the second visit hmm not as good. But we have had a few dry nights that we have never had. Unfortunately we had to go home, he put a recording on her i pod but unfortunately she hit the wrong button and deleted it, so we are going to head down again soon for another session.
I was amazed how it could work, It boosted her self esteem at the thought she could do it.
He said its all about training the brain to tell your kidneys to stop producing wee, and tell the bladder not to feel so full and for the ‘tap’ to stay closed!!
Two times is better than anything i ever expected!! i am a happy mum for my daughter being happy 🙂
I think it should be looked in to more….for sure!