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It can be hugely reassuring to discover that many other parents are also concerned about their son’s bedwetting. All ages are covered and many situations discussed in our boys’ stories.

29 Feb 2016

Miracle after joining DryNites webpage!!

My son, who will be 7 in september, has always had a problem staying dry at night. To be honest I have a bit of a lazy approach towards it and rather than changing sheets and getting out of bed at night, I have just always had him wear an absorbent underpant such as DryNights.

We always limit his evening drinks, with nothing being consumed after dinner(6.30pm) and have a last minute toilet stop before hopping into bed (8pm). We tried a sticker chart system but this I believe lowered his self esteem as he was mostly wet and very rarely got a sticker for being dry. Around 18 months ago we tried putting him to bed without an absorbent underpant (thinking he was just doing it because he could) but this just resulted in wet sheets, pjs and mattress (went through the towels and “drycot” we had put under the sheet), a grumpy mum and upset son:(

So after a week (short lived i know!) we threw the towel in and once again resumed using DryNights. A few months later I decided i would get my son to leave his pants near the rubbish bin each morning so i could check to see if it was dry or wet…almost always wet, but on the rare occasion when it was dry a big deal was made and it was a great boost for the whole family!!

We recently moved countries, taking my son away from all his loving and dear extended family that we miss so much. I had very low expectations of getting a dry night while all of this was going on so we made sure we were well stocked with DryNights.

For the first time in my adult life i finally had a computer and internet setup, so I started searching for remedies/helpful tips on bed wetting when I came across the DryNights website. Immediately I signed up as I was over spending money on absorbent underwear (I also have a daughter who is in nappies and drinks all adds up!) and I wanted my son to feel good about himself and to be able to go to sleepovers if the opportunity arose. Funnily enough about 2 weeks after joining and reading stories, helpful tips from the DryNights team and members we ran out of pants!! It was a Saturday night when I realised and nothing is open after 5pm here and nothing is open on a Sunday either!! So i knew we were going to have at least 2 nights without the pants..I wasn’t looking forward to it but had no other choice.

I had been telling my son how it is normal for some children to wet the bed (just like the webpage suggested) and even told him about his grandad doing the same until he was 9 (which isn’t completely true but his gdad means everything to him so I knew it would have impact!) He was relieved to hear this and told me that he hated being in the pants and just wishes he could stay dry (sadface!). So I told him that its not his fault and its actually a part of his brain that hadn’t learnt to wake him up when he need to go to the toilet, he liked hearing this and knowing it wasn’t his fault seemed to give him a wee esteem boost. He ended up being dry that Saturday and Sunday night, a BIG deal was made and he was so over the moon with himself!! I ended up forgetting to get more pants on the Monday and so on and so on…it has been 4 weeks and we have only had 1 wet night!!!!!!!!!

I cannot begin to tell you how happy we are (especially my son). He has had such a huge boost in confidence, people are commenting even!! I would like to thank you all for your wise words and helpful hints and stories! i know its early days but we all have a really good feeling about this:) THANKS!!


11 Dec 2015

Concerned mother

My son is about to turn 6 he was never dry overnight as a baby, always extremely wet compared to his other two brothers who were always dry. He never wakes to use the toilet and even though he goes to the toilet before going to bed has helped reduce the frequency in waking wet it has not completely eliminated the problem.

I refuse to wake him to use the toilet as I feel he needs to be able to wake himself and are really hoping and praying that it will happen soon.

My twin sister’s youngest boy has the same problem and he is now 13.

I are really concerned for his sake that he does grow out of this soon as he is not yet at the stage where he wants his friends or himself to do sleepovers. He continually tells me he will wake up and I try to tell him its ok that he will do it when his body is ready. He sometimes goes for about 2 weeks and I think YES he finally has out grown it but unfortunately it happens again.


11 Dec 2015

My 9 year old has a bedwetting problem.

My son is 9 years old. He will be 10 in May/2012. He has wet the bed almost every night since birth. He has no developmental issues, no learning disabilities as he is a typical, bright and precocious young boy. I have just been hoping he outgrows it and letting him sleep in what we call “night pants” (disposable diapers for larger children……as we try NOT to say diapers) to help from ruining his bedding.

In the mornings, this “night pant” is soaked and very heavy with urine. A lot of times it is so soaked that his bed is still very wet when he awakes. I do not want him to get so comfortable with this condition that it feels normal to him. I will NOT let him sleepover anywhere unless I’m there to see that he puts his night pants on in privacy so he won’t be ridiculed or is asked about it. He is self conscious about it now, but the fact that I don’t let him stay overnight at others homes where he runs the risk of letting someone or other children see him putting on or removing his night pants, is hampering progress. We have an appointment with his pediatrician this weekend to sit down and talk with her about steps we can take to help him. I am worried about him entering his teenager years with bedwetting issues.


11 Dec 2015

Alarm and bladder training worked brilliantly.

We had great success with bladder training and an alarm for my 7 year old son who used to wet 5 nights out of 7.
The bladder training involved drinking alot of water during the day to make his brain get used to a full bladder and having to hold on.
The “in nappy” alarm was next to useless but the alarm pad we rented with a very loud ring stopped the bedwetting in 3 weeks and there has never been a recurrance.
I would recommend seeking advice from your local health clinic

J. G.