Wetting the bed as a teenager is nothing to be alarmed about. It’s normally a phase. About 2% of people your age still wet the bed (and even 0.5-2% of all adults wet the bed).


Try not to be self-conscious about it. There will be times when it’s inconvenient and embarrassing, like in social situations, but there are plenty of ways to deal with it.

What causes bedwetting in teenagers?

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What causes bedwetting in teenagers? Most instances of bedwetting among teenagers are what we refer to as secondary bedwetting. This is bedwetting where individuals have been dry for 6 months or more than return to wetting at night again. With ... Read More
Why does my child pee an poop the bed hes 15
Dear John, your son may be experiencing encopresis which simply refers to uncontrolled soiling in children who are four years of age or older. For a diagnosis to be made soiling must occur at least once a month over at least a three month period, and can be voluntary or involuntary. Encopresis or soiling problems occur in 2-8% of children...
I’m 17 years old and wear my litttle sisters goodnites with her every night because I still wet the bed about once a week. I’m scared to tell my mom that I wear them.
Hi Austin, while I fully understand your embarrassment, this is not something you should try and manage on your own. I find most parents are incredibly supportive and would hate to think of you trying to manage your bedwetting on your own. The most important thing for you to remember is that this is in no way your fault. DryNites...
hi, im 15 and when i was playing netball my skirt blew up and my drynites were very visible under my undies. The story that i wet my pants and wear a nappy has spread throughout the school now and i have no friends at all. What should i do?
Hi L.S, unfortunately you are not alone when it comes to coping with teasing. Children get teased for all sorts of reasons, for being too skinny or too fat, having big ears, wearing the wrong type of clothes, whatever the reason it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the kids who are making fun of...
Hi, I’m14 years old and I occasionally wet the bed( about twice in two or three weeks). I’m using “Goodnites”. However I have a school trip (a week). Should I bring “Goodnites”?
Hi S. S. – It is perfectly normal to feel nervous about your school trip but there are certainly things we can do in order to help you go away on camp without the fear of your friends finding out or having the constant worry of whether or not you’ll wet the bed. Many teenagers have attended school camps and...
hi, i have 13 year old twins who wet the bed for a big part of ten years (their father is an adult bed wetter). Their eight year old brother still sometimes wets the bed. I also have a 4 1/2 year old daughter and 3 month old from a new relationship. The 4
Given the strong genetic link it is not unusual for a number of children in the same family to experience bedwetting. If both parents were bedwetters, 77% of their children will be, while 44% of children suffer from bedwetting if one parent was a bed wetter – which means there is no certainty that your new baby will also wet...
My 16 year old daughter has just started wetting the bed, will your products fit her?
The larger DryNites size is designed for children and teenagers weighing between 27-57kg+. I would recommend requesting a free sample off the website first. It is important that these fit properly around the leg as improper fit may contribute to leakage. If you find the larger size to be too small I would recommend that you look into some of...