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Bedwetting is not only hard on your child, but also on you, the parent. DryNites® Pyjama Pants from Huggies understands that managing night time bedwetting is difficult, but with DryNites® you can have an effective treatment for Secondary and Primary Nocturnal enuresis. DryNites® are designed for both boys and girls with customised leakage protection. Their trim fit ensures they disappear discreetly under pyjamas for a comfortable night’s sleep.


Bedwetting is when your child wets the bed involuntarily. It occurs mainly at night and affects at least 16% of children aged 5. Your child will normally outgrow the problem, so the best cure for bedwetting is often time. Bedwetting is also known as its medical term, which is enuresis. This DryNites site has been designed to give you all the information necessary to deal with this problem as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are not alone in facing this problem.

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Boys Vs Girls Bedwetting

Bedwetting affects boys and girls in different ways. Boys are more likely to experience bedwetting than girls, and while girls tend to grow out of wetting the bed at an earlier age, wetting the bed has a different impact on their self-esteem. But, whatever gender your child is, bedwetting is considered normal behaviour and often it’s stage that they’ll grow out of, in time.

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Bedwetting information for kids

There are millions of kids around the world are bedwetting just like your child. Bedwetting can be an awkward and complicated condition that confuses a lot of kids out there. You may need to explain to your child that bedwetting is a normal part of many kids’ lives and is nothing to be embarrassed about.

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Wetting the bed solutions

There is no one complete cure for your child’s bedwetting but there are several ways to manage it. Alarms, bladder training and medication are all recognised solutions to your child’s bedwetting but you will need to experiment with a few techniques and find out which one helps your child the most.

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Ask an Expert

Dr Cathrine, resident bedwetting expert at DryNites discusses how best to manage your child’s bedwetting. Find out what’s normal and what’s not, the do’s and don’ts of bedwetting as well as what enuresis treatments to use and when. Dr Cathrine covers both the physical and emotional needs of your bedwetting child and provides tips for encouragement, social activities and boosting self-esteem.

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hi, my nearly 4yo wets the bed every night and we believe it has become laziness? how we do we approach and work out if it is?

Hi Amanda – unfortunately there are a lot of myths out there about bedwetting, the most common being that children wet the bed because they are l…

Asked by Amanda

14 year old wetting pants and bed

Your son is experiencing what we commonly refer to as Secondary Nocturnal Enuresis (SNE) this describes a situation where a child has achieved nigh…

Asked by Anonymous

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Your Bedwetting Plan

Until your child grows out of his/her bedwetting, it can be a difficult time for both of you. It may be helpful to develop a plan to help manage bedwetting and potentially lessen embarrassing moments and awkwardness that your child may feel during this difficult period. There are a number of bedwetting solutions out there to help you manage your child’s bedwetting, from behavioural modification, medication or products such as absorbent pyjama pants.

Some children respond to just one kind of treatment very well while other kids will see an improvement using a combination of treatments. As each child is different, use trial and error to establish what solution works for your family. Try one treatment, if it doesn’t work try another and so on.

DryNites® Pyjama Pants can work as part of a holistic approach to help with your child’s bedwetting. The pants come in both boys and girls with gender specific designs for either your son or daughter. DryNites’ Pyjama Pants are comfy and discreet and let your child sleep through the night while still feeling dry.

Getting a good night’s sleep will benefit the whole family, and especially the parents! Why not try a free sample of DryNites® Pyjama Pants, see what a difference they can make to managing your child’s bedwetting.