Teen Stories


If you’re in your teens and wetting the bed, you probably feel embarrassed, a bit desperate for answers, and are worried everyone is going to find out. As the many stories here prove, you’re not the only one!

29 Feb 2016

Bedwetting and boarding school

I’m 15 yrs old and i still wet the bed nearly every night. My parents think im just being lazy so they send me to boarding school, they think the shame and embarrassment will make me stop. i am very thankful as i have a wonderful dorm supervisor who doesn’t yell or get angry when i wet, and understands that its not my fault.

I have been to the drs and all sorts of different people that were suppose to help me stop, but nothing has ever worked for more then 2 months. All the other girls in the dorm are understanding and don’t tease me, and i’m very thankful for that as well.

I’m also very thankful for drynites as that means that i no longer wake up soaking wet and cold and it doesn’t become ‘public news’ when i wet the bed.


29 Feb 2016

Wasn’t what they thought

When I was a young child I used to wet the bed every night, I was on tablets but when they didn’t work we tried a bladder exercise, nothing to drink after 6 pm, and must go to the toilet before bed – But nothing ever seemed to work.

I started to grow out of it when I got to the age of 14 but up until then I never liked going and staying at my friends house. They always had to stay at my house so I could clean my bed before they would wake up.

Then my life changed when I was 15. I got told i was a type 1 Diabetic. All the doctors think I have been a diabetic since I was a baby cause bed wetting is one of the main problems with juvenile diabetes.

Ever since they told me i was a diabetic and started to get treatment the bed wetting has stopped!

Some girls found out when i was in high shcool and teased me about it. School got that bad i wanted to change schools but i stuck it out and stayed there a couple if weeks later they got over it and left me alone.

Claire F

29 Feb 2016

17 and wetting

I have been wetting for quite some time now.

When I was little, I used to wear my sisters Huggies Pull Ups. This helped disguise the wetting before the nappies began ripping when I moved around in bed. My parents don’t know that I wet.

I recently bought Drynites with my own Money and they were terrific. The pack says they are for 15 yr olds maximum. However I am 17 and use them. It just soaks right up. Minor leakage but it stops most of the flow. They are extremely comfortable to. They also have a nice smell to them when you first take them out of the packet. And to all you bullies out there. You’re just jealous that you don’t have the protection and comfort that we do. They also feel like real underpants.

Thankyou Drynites. Comment if you like wearing Drynites or have had to wear them. Don’t worry….in the meantime there is Drynites. Thank you.


11 Dec 2015

Why me?

I have always wanted to go on a sleepover, but I have always been too nervous or scared to go because I wet the bed most nights. It makes me feel stupid and pathetic, I know none of my friends have ever had this problem they wouldn’t understand it. Last time a friend found out, he told the whole school, no one would sit near me or talk to me, like I was contagious. I had to change school.I hate missing out on my school excursion, but a bedwetter doesn’t go too good camping, and when my teacher found out why I couldn’t go he just laughed. I hate how people think I’m a freak! I don’t wet the bed on purpose, it just happens. I feel dumb having to wear nappies to bed at 13 when my little brother is 5 and doesn’t have to!


11 Dec 2015

22 Year Bedwetting Problem

Hi i am a 22 year old male i started to wet the bed when i was about 12 years old i did not know why i was wetting the bed i told my dad that i was wetting the Bed At Night. after a couple of weeks i was still wetting the bed Dad took me to the doctors to see why i was wetting the bed at my age the doctor looked at me and then told dad that they could not do anything to help. dads friend told dad about dry nites dad then told me about them i said to dad i would jive them a try i did not wake up in the middle of the night with a wet bed so i used dry nites for about 2 years. after a couple of years later i stop wetting the bed now i am helping mums and dads with their kids that wet the bed. Thank you for reading my story.


11 Dec 2015

15 Year Bedwetting

Hello my name is Danielle and I am 15 years old. I have never been dry at nights except for some occasions. My parents have been supportive thoughout my life although I know it’s hard on them. I have been to endless amounts of doctors been subscribed endless amounts of pills or drugs. I have used bedwetting Alarms you name it I have done it. Around 3 years ago my parents got me into a private doctor he has been seeing me twice a year and he seems to know what he is talking about. We have done a lot of different drugs ect and they have got me a little dryer but not what we want. This year we have decided to go for another option. Operation. I am booked in for this operation in two weeks I am really nervous but looking foward to it. This operation is a keyhole surgery and they are butting Botox into my bladder. I know it sounds really weird but my doctor has said it is completely safe and heaps of people have had it done not just for bedwetting. I am really hoping that this will work. If you are going though this stuggle don’t ever think you are not alone. I have been depressed about it for along time but you need to think positively. It is really embarrassing to be a bedwetter I would never wish it apon anyone. Staying over night at people houses are the worst but as long as you have your pull ups you will be okay. So for everyone going though this stuggle or anyone who knows someone going though this stuggle keep your chin up it will get better you are all in my dreams and be supportive it’s horrible to be put down about somthing you can’t control. Stay strong loves.