Teen Self Esteem


Self-esteem is fundamental to happiness and success. If your teenager feels good about themselves, they’re more likely to do well at school or work, have greater self-control, be at ease in social situations and enjoy warm relationships with others.

The teenage years, however, can be awkward and full of angst and self-doubt even for self-assured kids. Teenage confidence can crumble if they are in the embarrassing situation of wetting the bed.

Watch for signs of depression or sadness, such as moodiness, avoiding social situations, staying in their room, lack of conversation, poor performance at school or work, self-harming and risky behaviours.  If your teenager’s self-esteem is suffering because of bedwetting then try to help by finding out how to boost self-esteem.

Some suggestions for building self-esteem:

  • Don’t get angry or talk down to them about the bedwetting as that will make them feel bad. Be calm and matter-of-fact and ensure they understand that this is no way their fault.
  • Be upbeat and work on solutions together
  • Express your love, admiration and respect for them, while avoiding criticism, scolding and shaming
  • Work with them on self-affirming statements such as “I can pass this test” or “I feel really good today”
  • Be a positive and supportive presence in their lives. Talk with them. Be interested in them, their friends and their interests. Show that you enjoy their company. Share activities, outings and chores and take advantage of these times to chat heart-to-heart about any problems or issues they are facing
  • Ask other parents or teachers about self-esteem activities for teenagers

See your family doctor if you are worried about their physical or emotional health..

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