Getting Help with Bedwetting

Wetting the bed is common and usually passes with a little time.

In cases where night time accidents are occurring more frequently or for a longer period of time than is manageable, solutions may include:

  • Bladder training – did you know that your bladder is a muscle? You can train it gently during the day by ‘holding on’ for just a little while when you first feel the urge to wee.
  • Fluid restriction – hydration is important for good health, but if you reduce the amount you drink in the evenings, you’ll be in a better place when it’s time to sleep.
  • Bedwetting Pants – we know, they don’t sound glamourous. However, for those times when you really need to be confident in having a dry night, bedwetting pants are a discreet and effective form of protection.
  • Alarms – bedwetting alarms (pad and bell or personal/body worn alarm) experience the best results when it comes to stopping bedwetting. They work by increasing nocturnal bladder storage.
  • Medication – sometimes medicine is the answer. Seeing a doctor can clear it up for you right away, so it’s worth speaking to a medical professional to double check.

It’s important for you to remember that there is nothing wrong with you. This is something that lots of teenagers go through. If you feel as though you need help to deal with it, there is no shame in that. There are plenty of resources available.


Your school counsellor. A school counsellor will have some strategies for coping with a bedwetting phase and can help out if you’re nervous about things like sleepovers or school camps.

Your family doctor. GPs see people with enuresis all the time. They have a lot of information and advice on it, and if you are concerned they can run tests and recommend bedwetting products or medication.

DryNites® online. You can ask questions here. We have an expert, standing by – ask Dr Cathrine.

Support Lines.These are telephone support lines, set up especially for you.

Kidsline: 0800 54 37 54

Continence NZ: 0800 650 659

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