bedwetting and boarding school

I'm 15 yrs old and i still wet the bed nearly every night. My parents think im just being lazy so they send me to boarding school, they think the shame and embarrassment will make me stop. i am very thankful as i have a wonderful dorm supervisor who doesn't yell or get angry when i wet, and understands that its not my fault.

I have been to the drs and all sorts of different people that were suppose to help me stop, but nothing has ever worked for more then 2 months. All the other girls in the dorm are understanding and don't tease me, and i'm very thankful for that as well.

I'm also very thankful for drynites as that means that i no longer wake up soaking wet and cold and it doesn't become 'public news' when i wet the bed.

Teenagers bedwetting (11-15 y) · Submitted by Lilah over 5 years ago


have the same problem im 18 now i have severe nightmares have to hide from my mum because she thinks that im just being ridiculsly stupid and childish and should stop doing it,
im also scared to get close to girls at nighttime to snuggle up to them because they might make jokes of me because i wear them i was hopeing it would stop at 16 but still has not stoped i have tried pills and alarms but it does not work :(

timothy – almost 5 years ago

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I tried the alarms and meds as well. Tofranil worked for a little while but I was feeling like crap when on them so I had to stop. I'm just sick of my parents making a big deal out of it, I can't help it :(

Lilah – over 4 years ago

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How do you hide wetting the bed?I woke up wet/wetting yesterday.I am scared to go to sleep.

nick – 5 months ago

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