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I'm now a parent of two bedwetting kids but this is about my childhood/school life.

I was put into a boarding school at Year 7 through 9 as my father was posted overseas. I had been a bedwetter all my life (5 out of 7 days/wk). The school was told this but being in the 80's, it was not so talked about then.

The counsellor at the school had decided to use reverse psychology to stop me doing this so I had to put a sign on my bunk that read "I WILL WET MY BED TONIGHT".

Needless to say, this only remained private for a couple of weeks, and then I became the butt of a lot of teasing, taunting and cruel jokes. I found my next three years absolutely miserable, frequently running from bullies, not socialising and so on. I left the boarding school as soon as my dad got back.

I guess what I am saying is that outing anyone for wetting the bed or teasing them for it or making it public has never and will never do any good and while it is not good to keep things secret, there is a lot of room for being discrete as a childhood trauma of being teased like this lasts a life time.

Now with the internet, people can get together and discuss problems etc in company of others who will not tease or make fun of them so today’s kids have it in some ways, EASIER then we did pre-internet days.

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